You need a website

but not for the reasons you think!


Sure, “everybody is on the internet” and visibility are the basic reasons to have a website, but what most businesses miss is that their website is more than just their “online face”. If done right, it is their most important marketing channel, the best tool in their toolbox and the Back-office for their marketing people. In other words, your website is not meant to serve you and your preferences. It is meant to serve your marketing & salespersons and your clients.

Your site should not just look nice and be trendy, but be functional, effective and planned correctly with growth in mind. Therefore, you need a website that is planned and built by professional marketing people and not by designers or developers.

Why WordPress?

In addition to the fact that WordPress powers more than 33% of websites worldwide by now and that it’s an open source CMS (Content Management System), which means it’s frequently updated; WordPress is also one of the most flexible, versatile and customizable platforms, which makes it possible to build almost anything on it and it can easily grow with your business. This means that your website can serve you and your business for a long time without the need to completely re-build (a very cost-effective solution). It is also easy to manage and update.

Who is this offer for?

Small & medium companies and startups looking to build their online presence and brand in a way that will support their marketing. Whether this is your first website and you are just starting, or if  you are looking to rebuild or upgrade an older site, we offer simple (yet functional and highly effective) clean business and promotional websites, customized to your needs and well designed to please the eye.

Some of our work samples

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What the offer includes

  • Licensed premium WordPress theme (included in the price), fully responsive (mobile friendly) and chosen to fit your needs best;
  • Professional planning with SEO and marketing in mind (Niche & competitors research, basic keyword research and suggested sitemap and menus);
  • Graphic design – customizing the theme and the specific tools /plugins you will need for your business’ look & feel;
  • Building the site & plugins;
  • Uploading the content, which you provide (based on the sitemap/structure we recommend);
  • Securing & launching the site on our servers;
  • Training on how to update the site and add pages/content on your own;
  • 1 year of hosting & maintenance (free – included in the price).

Why us

A Winning Team

We are a group of people with decades of experience in business growth, marketing, content and design. We’ve been in the industry for many years and built, re-built and analyzed thousands of websites and supported hundreds of clients on their marketing journey.

Beautifully Crafted

We understand the biggest gap in the industry is the one between beautifully designed websites that simply don’t work and functional websites that aren’t attractive or innovative enough to attract attention. We plan and develop websites that work for you.

Fast & Reliable

Our turnover time is very fast (depending on how fast the client provides us with content), because we have the know-how and resources to plan and execute the project from the very basic research to launch without depending on external services or resources.

Competitive Global Pricing

We understand that not all businesses were created equal and not all websites are the same. We’ve been in the industry long enough to see all kinds of pricing schemes. We are here to give you the most professional consult of what will serve you best, priced fairly and according to spec. is a joint collaboration between
Studio Izavta & The Engagement Strategy Group

Ready to get to work?